Writing : History Written by He Who Holds the Pen

Writing : History Written by He Who Holds the Pen

13 October 2020 Off By historic-pen

The construction of identity through the pen and the memory of man. By writing as often as we do today, it is now possible for anyone to take a step back and reflect on who they are and their previous choices.

There is a saying that winners make history ; part of that is true, but let’s not believe that losers are forgotten so easily. In history, many individuals with the technical and intellectual means have been able to describe their experiences and tell their own version of events. It didn’t matter which side someone was standing on during their lifetime, it is the comparison of the accounts of each person and each facet of their story that makes it possible to reconstruct an idea that may be close to what their lives were like. This knowledge is extremely important for obtaining the perspective and the keys to understanding complex situations that have marked humanity’s past.

With time, we always uncover traces of actions that some may have preferred to forget. They are rarely written by those disturbed by said actions or situations, but records of such events allow a light to be shed on part of the great picture that history paints. A shrewd hand, armed with a pen, has the capability to turn history upside down. We have seen this with texts such as the Bible, as well as with political ideologies or philosophical theories. Writing has always influenced the thoughts of man by providing him with the ability to read about those who were once in his position. We have the benefit of understanding our ancestors’ lives and the struggles they overcame.

Thanks to writing and pens, today we have what we need to cope with most of the circumstances in which we operate simply by immersing ourselves in events already past. This is where the real strength of the pen lies : man is capable of learning from his past, of using his imagination to understand himself, his choices, his desires and it is through these mediums that man constantly evolves and changes until the end of his life.