Art and pens

Art and pens

12 October 2020 Off By historic-pen

The perspectives offered by the possession of a pen are endless, allowing us to write and draw. The quick sketch done on a train can become an elaborate piece the next day, just as the sentence written rapidly on the edge of a table can later develop into a novel.

The accessibility of the pen has opened up many artistic avenues around the world. Anyone today can become an artist, in their own way, by expressing themselves on a sheet of paper. The freedom offered by the pen, now made accessible to all, allows you to develop your own ideas, conceive them and realize them.

Sketch of butterfly with pen
Sketch with pen

We see real paintings and works of all kinds made with a simple pen, honoring the many hours of work and practice that this requires. From monochromatic to the play of contrast and light, artists around the world are demonstrating a new intelligence to get the most out of their favorite tool, the pen.

In the infinite number of types of works that exist today and those that do not yet exist, the role of pen and writing will always remain paramount. The conceptualization of the idea begins in the mind, then flows onto paper until it is finally realized, whatever its nature.

Sketch of cat with pen
Sketch with pen

When we think of art, we tend to imagine visual things, yet we very often forget that the most widespread form of art around the world is and will remain writing. The ability to convey thoughts and emotions through a few phonemes can lead us back to happy memories and sensations that may have been forgotten, and can also allow us to imagine new ones.

The use of the pen is one of the most primary forms of art, by writing text, novels, words, and poetry. Each culture has developed its own means of literary expression, its own codes, and new perspectives that may be explored when traveling through these cultures.